Academic Experience

During my academic career I was given the chance to lecture Advanced Computer Architecture at the Cooperative State University Baden-Wuerttemberg as an honorary professor as well as to give several guest lectures at other universities.
Being passionate about teaching and sharing my knowledge, I have also been a teaching assistant for a large number of courses.

The experience I gained from teaching was also a valuable asset once I started to define projects and supervise students during my PhD.
While many student projects are only short term, I have had the pleasure to collaborate with several amazing students supervising multiple or larger projects for a prolonged time:

PhD students
An Qi Zhang (PhD student @ The University of Edinburgh)

Master students
Theo Olausson (Now PhD student @ Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Undergraduate students
James Arnold (Student @ Duke University)
Reece Carr (Student @ The University of Edinburgh)

Professional Experience

While studying I have been employed as a working student by Northrop Grumman LITEF and Intel Germany for multiple years each. During my PhD I also interned at Nvidia in Santa Clara.

The insight and experience I gained from working in design teams developing new products was a major reason for me to choose a PhD with a focus on electronic design automation, performance modelling and formal verification. With the end of my PhD in sight, I am looking forward to returning to industry to develop and to implement new algorithms easing design implementation and verification, while also reducing the product to market times.